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Avenger - Sama
Avenger - Sama

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PostSubject: Read me   Fri Jan 04, 2008 4:36 pm


1. NO Harassment (AT ALL!) any member found guilty of harassing another member will be banned immediatly!

2. NO Flamming. This is a friendly place and we wish to keep it this way. Got a problem with another member? Report them!

3. NO Spamming (except it the spam section tongue ).

4. NO Double or Triple posting use the god damn 'EDIT' button

5. All posts, Pictures and videos must be kept at an under 18 age limit. Nothing too obscene or too explicit. These posts will be removed Immediately.

6. Don't pester people. Nobody likes it.

7. Swearing should be kept to a minimum.

8. If you have to swear type it out properly, the filters should censor it.

9. Dont bypass the filters they are there for a reason.

10. NO Advertising

11. NO links to any over 18 rated site!

12. Racism of any form is strictly forbidden

13. Sexism of any form is strictly forbidden


(This is the first time im making rules if ive forgotten anything pls let me know!!!)
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Read me
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